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Unlock your nail artistry potential with The Nails Mentor!Whether you're seeking certification, online classes, personalized in-person mentoring, or pay-per-view nail technology lessons, we've got you covered.From perfecting techniques to unleashing your creativity, our programs offer flexible learning options tailored to fit your busy schedule.Elevate your skills and build a successful career with us!

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Vision Gel Systems® Certifications
Mentoring Sessions
Creativity and Art for Nail Techs

Mentoring Sessions

Come join the Mentoring Sessions—just you, me, and a focus on perfecting your nail skills.Technique Refinement
No matter where you are in your nail journey, I've got you covered. We'll dive into perfecting nail techniques, spotting any issues that might be affecting your results, like time management, shaping, and getting those creative juices flowing.
Precision Corrections
Think of me as your nail problem-solver. I'll help fine-tune your techniques, whether it's shaping or adding extra finesse to your work.
Sessions happen at my studio for $35 per hour, with a minimum booking of 2 hours. And don't worry about drinks—they're on the house!
Just bring your nail products, and let's uncover the secrets to flawless nails together.

Creativity and Art for Nail Techs

Welcome to the Creative Nail Training Program, where we help you become a nail art pro!What You'll Learn:Exploring Creativity: Discover your inner artist by learning about colors, designs, and how to make your nail art stand out.Putting It Into Practice: Get hands-on experience with our virtual lab. You'll learn how to create amazing nail designs step by step.Boosting Your Creativity: Join our fun sessions where we brainstorm new ideas and try out cool techniques to make your nail art even better.How You'll Learn:
- Online Learning: For $300, get a whole year of access to our online platform. You can learn whenever you want, wherever you are!
- In-Person Training: If you're in the Edmonton area, join us for face-to-face sessions to learn directly from our experts.
Join us and let's make your nail art dreams come true together!

Vision Gel Systems® Certification

Become a master in four key areas of nail technology with our Vision Gel Systems® Certifications:Being a Nail Tech - Basic Concepts:
Learn the fundamental principles of nail technology, covering essential knowledge for aspiring nail technicians.
Bottle Builders:
Explore our versatile base coat and bottle builders options, including:
- 2-in-1 Base Coat: A base coat and primer in one, perfect for healthy, strong nails.
- 4-in-1 Base Coat: A base coat and primer in one, perfect for healthy, strong nails.
- Rubber Base Coat: Ideal for strengthening thin or brittle nails, with added flexibility.
- Universal Builder Gel: Crystal clear or soft white gel for overlays, extensions, and sculpting short to medium-length nails.

ULTRA HG (Hard Gel):
Dive into our latest hard gel line, featuring base coats, builders, and top coats for creating long extensions and extreme shapes. Explore a variety of shades and finishes, including clear, French tips, and matte.
A Vision of Art:
Delve into the world of creative nail art with our special effects collection and explore a wide range of collections, including sheer nudes, neon colors, and glittery goodness. Our offerings include:
Cat Eye Gel Polish: Create hypnotic reflections with magnetic 5D gel polishes.
Glass Gel: Achieve stunning see-through effects reminiscent of stained glass windows.
Chameleon Gel:Experience color-shifting effects that transform with light.
Join our certification programs to master the art and science of nail technology with Vision Gel Systems®.

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