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Unlock your nail artistry potential with The Nails Mentor! Whether you're seeking online classes, personalized in-person mentoring, or pay-per-view nail technology lessons, we've got you covered.From perfecting techniques to unleashing your creativity, our programs offer flexible learning options tailored to fit your busy schedule.Elevate your skills and build a successful career with us!

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Tune-Up Nail Clinics
Creative Nails Lab
NailCraft Bites

Tune-Up Nail Clinics

Step into our Nail Mastery Clinics—just you, me, and a deep dive into nailing those techniques.Technique Refinement
I've got your back, no matter where you are in your nail tech journey. My focus? The ins and outs of nail technique. I play detective, peering closely at your process to catch those glitches affecting time management, overall nail appearance, shaping, and that all-important creative flow.
Precision Corrections
Consider me the ultimate problem-solver in the nail realm. With my keen eye for detail, I spot those technique hiccups and swoop in with fixes. Whether it's perfecting the shaping or unlocking new levels of finesse, I’m all about those little tweaks that skyrocket your nail game.
Sessions happen at my studio for $35 per hour, with a minimum booking of 2 hours. Oh, and drinks are on the house! Bring your products, and together, we’ll uncover the secrets to flawless nails.

Creative Nail Lab

Welcome to the Creative Nail, a haven for the creatively inclined. This program is tailor-made for those eager to learn the art and design techniques that bring nail art to life.Artistic Exploration
Dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds. This bootcamp isn’t just about learning; it’s about unleashing your inner artist. We delve into the depths of art and design theories, exploring concepts that translate seamlessly into breathtaking nail art. From color theory to composition, consider this your crash course in turning imagination into stunning nail designs.
Practical Application
Theory without practice is like nails without polish—good, but not great. In this virtual lab, we bridge the gap between learning and doing. You’ll get hands-on experience applying these concepts directly to your nail art. Think of it as your personal creative studio, where you refine your skills and translate newfound knowledge into jaw-dropping nail designs.
Fueling Creativity
Creativity’s not just luck; it’s a skill we can sharpen. In these clinics, I build a playground for creativity to flourish. We brainstorm, experiment with fresh techniques, and push boundaries. It’s more than just technique; it’s about sparking that innovative fire to elevate nail mastery. So, get ready to explore, create, and elevate your nail art game in this exciting virtual journey.
Program Delivery
- Online Access: $300 for 12 months of unlimited access to our virtual platform, where you can access tutorials, discussions, and resources at your own pace.
- Intensive One-on-One Training: $600 for 2 intensive, personalized hands-on sessions to refine your skills and receive direct guidance.
Embark on this creative journey, whether you prefer the flexibility of online learning or the immersive experience of personalized training. Unleash your artistic prowess and elevate your nail artistry with me.

NailCraft Bites

NailCraft Bites: Bite-sized lessons encompassing nail art, technology, manicure, pedicure, and vital business insights for budding nail tech pros.Mini Nail Masterclasses:
Dive into quick but comprehensive lessons on nail art techniques, the latest in nail technology, and mastering the art of the perfect manicure and pedicure.
Financial Clarity & Business Insights:
Wondering about pricing structures or how to kickstart your nail business? These bytes offer invaluable advice on cost management, pricing strategies, and essential business tips tailored for budding nail technicians.
As for pricing, our lessons start from $15 Canadian dollars, inclusive of a comprehensive manual and a certificate of completion. The goal is to ensure these invaluable nuggets of knowledge are accessible without breaking the bank, allowing everyone to level up their nail game and business savvy effortlessly.

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